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Black, gold and red

NYE is coming up, and in my opinion, it's one of the most glamorous occasions throughout the year. If I wouldn't be having themed costume parties for NYE (which I usually do), this is what I would wear: black, gold and just a touch of red.

I love coats that look like dresses, for example my custom made full circle coat, when wearing it I feel just as dressed up as I do indoors. And where I am from, everyone goes outside to watch fireworks at midnight on NYE, so having a beautiful coat is a nice addition to the outfit.

 A fantastic idea for getting more use out of dresses that I have been doing a lot lately: wearing a dress like a blouse, under the skirt. I did that for this outfit, I wore my huge full circle dress and a tulle skirt on top, just so I would have a top with gold sequin details. 

I paired the outfit with a black box clutch, featuring a golden chain and little laser cut stars as a pattern. For the touch of red, I chose my red patent leather pumps, not ideal for the weather, but lets admit it, nobody really cares about that on New Years Eve. Do you ever suffer the cold (or heat) just so you can feel your prettiest? Let me know on the comments below!

And lastly, in my curled hair I put my last years Christmas gift from my fantastic friend, a sparkly gold colored headband with tiny leaves and gemstones.

Thank you for reading! Warm regards, Dulcinea 
I wish you a wonderful NYE celebration!

What I'm wearing:

My make up has been done by Ieva

All photos in this post have been taken by Indre

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