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Clothing sizes: how do they make me feel

A few years ago, when talking to my best friend, who has a different body type than myself, I have told her this dream of mine: I wish everyone had the same body types and there would only be one size that would actually fit everyone. She looked at me, very surprised, and asked: why? I knew what was behind this question: I mostly wear a size zero (it is a shame that this number is even used in sizing, though. How is ZERO a size?). But it does not selfishly matter to me that I do in fact fit into a large amount of clothes that major brands throw at us, I am a strong believer in personal style and it makes me utterly sad when I see and hear women every day saying "I wish I could wear that, but I can't due to my hips/bust/waist/etc". I wish everyone would be of the same figure so they could dress the way they actually WANT to without the  supposed limit of their bodies. And weight doesn't even have that much to do with it, I have a very short torso and I look like a shapeless cylinder if I wear a longer sweater. I also have ridiculously looking knees that make skinny jeans not an option unless I would like to look like someone cut off my legs at the knees and put them back on: incorrectly. Everyone has their own flaws: most of them are not even true in the eyes of anyone else but ones own. "I have a flat chest. I have love handles. I have too much muscle on my lower legs. My neck is too short." - have you heard/said any of these? I most certainly did. And this is why I wish everyone of us, girls and boys, had just one size per gender (or even one for all, there are UNISEX clothing now that would fit me as much as a tent does) and nobody would even know such problems can exist. And with that I will conclude the sci-fi portion of this post. 

Guys, we could totally pull of that dress! You could take it in red and I'll grab a black one. Shall you get the one with polka dots or is that not your thing? 

So we do not have the same figure, or body type, we're all different in many, many aspects. Don't you agree? I believe you do, we are all one of a kind. Why are we sized then? In my line of work, I get people telling me "I'm a size [insert any]" and ask if I have anything ready in that size. What makes me wonder though, wouldn't it be more true if that person said "I wear clothes that are size [insert any]". Do you see the difference here? The vanity sizing of the clothes isn't just the sizing of the clothes anymore, it's the sizing of us.  And we feel pressured to be a CERTAIN SIZE in order to fit into our dream clothing. What is worse, the sizes "run out", and then there are (not  even everywhere though) "plus sizes". Have you seen any plus size models? They do not look anything like an imaginary plus size, in fact, they look like most women I have encountered, a realistic, healthy figure with a fuller bust and hips, which is in fact, wonderful features to have, but we are meant to think it's somehow beyond the line, out of the ordinary and therefore named "a plus size?". 

This is Caralyn Mirand, who is apparently a plus size model. She is simply gorgeous and it makes me wonder, shouldn't my size be called "minus-size" then? Seems fitting. 

 You might be thinking: oh come on it doesn't matter if she's "bigger" (even though that is not even true), as long as she has a hourglass figure she can wear anything! And you, my friend, might be a "pear" or an "apple", or maybe you are a thin "rectangle" and even though very skinny, not many of the clothing looks right on you? I also know really petite women, who find, in fact, that the smallest size is too large for them and they are forced to shop in the teen or children sections of the clothing stores. Let me tell you, it's not  you, it's the brands and the whole fashion industry making you feel this way. For some reason we are meant to think that we must fit the clothes they make us. Doesn't this sounds laughable to you? It sure does to me. I think it's the clothes that should FIT ME. AND YOU. AND EVERYONE ELSE. We are all different and it's not easy to make clothes for all of us, then again, I believe that major brands could in fact, afford doing so. They could have clothing for all body types and they could have MORE of their defining numbers, not ending at US size 12 and not being called "plus" afterwards. I have had a few customers inquire as to whether we can make a garment "plus size", or even - if it will cost more? Okay, one might say, it requires more fabric to make a larger garment. Then again it takes less fabric to make a so called size 0 garment than a size 4, or 6, or 8. Should we just price every size separately then, making people feel not only large but also that they should pay more for it? No, I bet nobody would like that, and therefore my answer to such a question is "there is no such thing as a plus size (or any size in fact, other than yours) over here at Wardrobe by Dulcinea. We ask for your unique and exact measurements and then make a garment to fit you". Isn't it how it's supposed to be, clothes being made to fit YOU, and not the other way around?  

While I agree that unique persons measurements for every garment is not an option for factory made clothing, would it not be a better way and a middle ground for them to have listed the certain measurements, such as waist, hips and length for a skirt, than a "size", that even differs from a store to store? I know many people who are a size M (for medium) in one store and then a size L (for large) in another. How is this supposed to make them feel? Would they not rather choose to go to the store where they feel being MEDIUM rather than LARGE? Whereas in fact neither is truth, as our bodies are just different! I know someone who has completely different sizes for her top and her lower body, so what's her size? Not only there are too few numbers in the sizing, but what is worse, sizing is becoming even less numerical, and more alphabetical, otherwise known as "it is more profitable to have fewer sizes" ;-)

These are my personal feelings about clothing sizes. What are YOURS? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter, feel free to comment and share this post to start a discussion. And remember, we are all beautiful, and shall we not let the sizing define us! 

Thank you for reading!

Warm regards, Dulcinea 

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