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End of winter

March 1st. The theoretical start of the spring here in Lithuania. In actuality, it's still most definitely "coat weather". These pictures were shot a little while ago, but on a day just like today, sunny, beautiful, yet very cold.

 This is where my oversized scarf comes in very handy! I have been loving it for the better part of this winter. I actually got in on sale at Zara, as the last one! I had some sort of supernatural sense about the need to go to Zara on that evening. My husband was like "eh, really, what for?", and I was like "I just have a feeling I have to go there tonight". Boy was I right...

I love the rustic pattern on it, it reminds me of Lithuanian national clothes! Don't you think?

The scarf in this weather is definitely not enough to keep me warm, so I was also wearing my navy blue coat. It's by Monton, but the original buttons fell out of it as soon as first day of wearing it (not all, some, but one cannot walk around with half the buttons), so I have purchased new, antique gold color buttons and sewn those onto the coat instead. I actually like it more now!

I have paired my winter coat and scarf outfit with dark brown ankle boots and a light brown bag. I love it because I can stuff half of my life in there :) 

Finally, underneath all the layers (I am wearing a crop top long sleeves cardigan that nobody can see as well), on the nude custom made top, I am wearing one of my favorite necklaces: a tiny donut by TADAM! Design, I have been dreaming of one since I first time heard of them, which was about 3 years ago! I finally got one as a gift this last Christmas and could not be happier with it!

Thank you for reading! Warm regards, Dulcinea 

What I'm wearing:

All photos in this post have been taken by Indre


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