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Fuzzy bunny

 Spring is here! Well, kind of, as some days it feels very warm and cozy, and some days it starts snowing all over again. Thankfully, not for long and it melts quickly. Yes I am really not a fan of real, cold and snowy winter, and I never was. These pictures were shot a little while ago, and I am pleased to say that today it's much more sunny and warm, than over here in the pictures, but I absolutely love the somewhat gloomy atmosphere they show.

 I love these classic colors: black, red and white. While being classic, I feel they are never boring, and a bright pop of red always does make a statement, especially during so called "transition weather".

The "fuzzy bunny" name for a this outfit is probably not the most accurate or not that it even makes sense, however, the fuzzy top I am wearing as well as the soft velvet knotted style headband does it for me.

 Recently I have been loving two tone contrasting color bags, and the shoes... Well these are my favorite kind of shoes, they have been for a while and I am not sure they're going anywhere anytime soon (but who knows?). Ankle height, lace up, slightly curved inwards (not going straight down when looking from the side!) heel, at the perfect 8 to 10 cm height - that is my perfect shoe for a slightly colder weather when I cannot just go outside with a beautiful pump.

 Loving the back of my short coat, it remind me of a cape, while being a more warm of a garment with sleeves.

 This last picture over here is more of an art picture than a regular outfit picture that we are used to seeing on the blogs, but I am absolutely in love with it. When  I first saw it, my initial thought was "I am in Gotham!", and I like every bit of that idea as well as the picture itself. By the way, all the colors here are real, and these actually are huge window arches with their sides colored bright green. 

Thank you for reading! Warm regards, Dulcinea  

What I'm wearing:

All photos in this post have been taken by Indre


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