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Gorgeous ombre tulle skirts and...

a wonderful collaboration with Katie Andelman Garner

I have opened my Wardrobe by Dulcinea store in March, 2014. I did not have many professional photos to start with, nor anyone wanting to feature my skirts on their blogs, facebook or any other social for that matter. By the time summer came, people started to notice my products and various offers started coming up. Offer like "give me your products and I will share those with my readers". Sadly, most of them didn't have any (or had very little) readers, or their blogs were absolutely unrelated to clothing, fashion, bridal pieces or anything else that was relevant to myself. Then one day in July I get a message on Etsy by this Katie Andelman, a photographer. She gave me links to her social media and her work, and I was stunned from the first moment I opened those in my browser. Much to my surprise, my skirts were noticed by this famous and incredibly tallented fashion photographer! I could not be more overjoyed and immediately accepted her offer. 

Katie Andelman is a premiere, internationally published, award-winning artist; specializing in whimsical, natural light children’s fashion photography.  Katie is dedicated to a lifelong pursuit of magic and fearlessness. An observer of tiny moments and a collector of memories, Katie plans to spend her life dedicated to the creation of her visions and the education of future visionaries.

At first I sent her one ombre skirt for the girl she was going to photograph. In return I have received many beautiful photos, that you can see over here. Later I myself asked her, if there is anything else I can give for her to photograph, and these beautiful ballerina skirts are the result. At the time I was unaware she will shoot ballerinas, or we would have made the linings full circle, but these were simple corner cut linings and they still worked for photos. I am absolutely in love with these dancing ballerinas. 

These stunning pictures are now a permanent part of this listing "Dancing Ballerina", and if you think I was inspired by the Katies photos, when I came up with that name - you are absolutely right! 

I hope to have many more opportunities to have my skirts photographer by her, and if you would like to see more of her work, visit her Facebook at Katie Andelman Photographer or her website Katie Andelman.

Thank you for reading!

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