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Sometimes (more often than not) me at Wardrobe by Dulcinea, get asked of our location. The question usually comes from the fear of slow shipping, customs issues, difficulty to return, and other reasons I might not be aware of, but in this blog post I will try to eliminate any fears you may have about purchasing an item from us, especially if it's arrival is time sensitive.

First of, this is Lithuania on the world map, the small red area somewhere in Europe, that's us:

You are probably on the other end of the globe. As we are only using English in our business, only do promotion in English and none locally, therefore we have never had a customer from Lithuania. Which means the 100% of our items go abroad. We have shipped to: US, Canada, Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Iraq, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and many, many more countries. 

If you have purchased online from abroad before, you are probably familiar with the line the sellers usually say: "we have no actual impact on the shipping, it can take up to 30 days (or even 45)" and similar wording?


We are using DHL Express Worldwide service, which is an airplane express kind of delivery and we know EXACTLY how long the shipping will take. And to be safe, we always give ourselves a few extra days for any unexpected delays. We take full responsibility for an on time delivery and our promises are genuine and real.

To any country in Europe: the shipping takes one day (end of the day delivery), but we always ship ahead of time. Unless you have given us a 4 day make and deliver rush order, then you might actually receive it on the day we said you would, as opposed to earlier. 

US delivery: most locations take two days to reach, some (NYC area) - 1 working day, and remote locations (small villages far away from any DHL substation) - 3 days, but we will ship it so at least 5 days are there to get to you. Even though it won't take that long! :)

Canada: three working days, every single time we have shipped there to any location so far it's been 3 working days.

Australia & New Zealand: that one is a bit tricky. We over here are a day younger than you guys in Australia, therefore an extra day always adds up, so while it's technically 3 working days, in reality it's four days. So four days to the exact opposite side of the globe, I'd say it's pretty fantastic, isn't it?

The Far East: - varies per address, but never more than five working days.

Exotic locations such as Iraq: DHL claimed it would be 9 working days, got there in 5 days. True story! What is more, the skirt needed to be adjusted in color, so the customer shipped it back to us (for a free alteration that we offer to all of our customers), and we re-dyed it and sent it back to her in time for her wedding! 

Every case we take personally and with dedication, and we always deliver on time. If we can't possibly make it, meet your rush deadline that is, we let you know in advance as we do not gamble or take risks at the cost of your important events.

We would greatly appreciate more of your trust, because we always meet your important deadlines.  If we cannot, we will not take up this order of yours. However sadly some customers tell us a fake deadline (then forget about it and accidently let us know it wasn't a real deadline later on) and makes us rush their order for no reason, other than mistrust. Hopefully the information above on our shipping arrangements will help you trust us more! :-)

Above is our unique label, which means that we use your unique measurements to make a true to YOUR size garment. Of course it also means we cannot accept a simple return, however we accept the items for the free alteration (be it color adjustment or maybe you have asked for an extra inch in length "just in case", and then you need it removed, or maybe the measuring yourself part has gone south). The cool part is, you can send back the garment via simple post, it does not have to be any fancy shipping company. Also, if we're to blame for the issue with the garment (ex: faulty zipper, that happened once), and you'd rather not send it back for obvious reasons of wasted time, you may have it fixed locally and send us the print screen of the bill! We will take care of it by giving you back the money that you had spent fixing our mistake. 


Hoping we can work together on your wonderful piece of clothing,

Kind regards,





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