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Satin, tulle and lace under the name "Aether", and a matching top

I am absolutely fascinated by lace, and I probably like all kinds of it. For a long time I was wanting to make a skirt, that is entirely covered by lace, but is also not stiff at all. A lot of of laces are somewhat (some more, some less) stiff, so it took me a while to find the perfect lace for a soft and flowing type of skirt. I was able to create this beauty that I am calling "Aether". 

It is made out of 5 layers, the bottom one being bridal crepe backed satin. Then 3 double width tulle layers. If you are wondering what "double width means", let me tell you. The regular width of soft nylon tulle we use is 108", that means your skirt will be 108" wide at the bottom of it, and the whole 108" pleated at the waist. In double width cases, two layers, each wide 108", are sewn together, meaning there is  216" of width at the bottom. Nobody is afraid to dance in such a skirt. The final layer is soft lace fabric, that is cut out of full circle, for maximum flow and once again, width. Each layer has it's own train, which is also optional, the skirt can simply be done floor length, or any other length, since everything at Wardrobe by Dulcinea is custom made to measure and constructed from scratch to each and every customer. 

 As closure, we have our usual technique of not only "concealed", but a completely hidden zipper and two pearly buttons at the waist. The waistband is also covered in lace, to provide a coherent, very "clean" and pure sort of look. 

 This skirt can be worn over any short dress, or paired with any top. We also have created a top that goes with it, as it's made from the same lace, over a nude (fair skin kind of "nude") matte spandex fabric. I'm calling it "Naked Lace". The top features a side zipper, adjustable bra-like straps, lots of satin edges for an underwear style look, and a deep v neckline. It is very soft and does not have any boning or any other kind of stiffness to it. Basically it feels like you're wearing a jersey tank top, but it does not look that way, does it?

The photographed skirt and top are in ivory colors, and we are currently offering it in white as well. The skirt also can be dip dyed in a number of colors, and gives more saturated effects than tulle alone. It can also be dyed to another colors, such as baby pink, dusty blue, silver grey and more. I am very interested in making new, custom color creations and thus I am open for inquiries over on my Etsy store.  

When creating a new piece, I always ask myself these questions: "is it soft?", "is it flowy?", "does it move well with ones body?", "does it look great in pictures and in real life as well?", "can the model be easily customized?". "Aether" gets a strong yes to all of these questions for sure. 

I hope you found this read interesting, and I am planning to write about all of my other creations in great detail as well. 

If you have any questions, you know how to reach me!  

Handmade bridal pieces by Wardrobe by Dulcinea

All pictures taken by Indre  

Model: myself


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