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Wedding collection photo shoot: part 2

Following up with crop tops for weddings, we at Wardrobe by Dulcinea have created this bridal outfit:

The bridal tulle skirt consists out of 5 layers of tulle, widely pleated to ensure the perfect A line (minimum flare at the waist, maximum at the bottom), and the lining is made out of bridal satin, designed with many triangle inserts, therefore the bottom of this skirt extends to 118" (3m). It's fantastic for dancing, nothing can stop this bride! The waistband is also made out of the same satin, and this skirt comes in snow white (featured in photos), off white, ivory, blush and even black (not necessarily for the wedding, but why not?). The bottom of this skirt is dip dyed (which is optional). This particular skirt was dip dyed in fresh lavender color, ever so lightly, some people have not even noticed.  We dye these skirts per customers request, whether they would like a light color or an intense one, and whether they just want the very bottom, or so much as three quarters of the skirt dyed. 

The top is made from the same bridal satin used in the skirt, with a very soft sweetheart cut, fully covered with lace,  and featuring cap sleeves. This particular lace is in silver color, but we have the same pattern in a few more colors. 


In the back of the skirt there is completely invisible hidden zipper (our unique method for planting zippers into tulle skirt has been applied here), and two pearly buttons on the waistband. 

 Thank you for reading!

Handmade bridal pieces by Wardrobe by Dulcinea

All pictures taken by Indre  

Model: myself

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