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Why I no longer sell tulle samples

As I strive for efficiency and feel a constant lack of time in the hours of the day, I have decided to write a blog post about this topic, as I get a lot of requests to sell tulle colour samples. Which sounds like an absolutely common sense, right, brides have their tops or dresses picked out, and they want to make sure our skirt matches - ordering fabric samples before placing an order seems like a very sensible thing to do - and there I am, refusing to sell any. 

Here is why:

1) There is no price that would make sense for both me and you, the buyer, that I can apply to these samples. They are not something I cut off the tulle roll and ship out. I cut the white tulle, two pieces for each sample, then hand dye them for usually an entire day or two, depending on how many the customer needs, then dry them, iron and fold them, then ship one half of them and the other I put on record in my box - because whatever I shipped you, I obviously need to make sure I can replicate the same once you're ready for the whole skirt. So it costs a lot for me to make them - time wise, and they are just tiny samples - so you do not want to pay my entire days wage for them as well, and it's understandable. 

2) So I used to offer them for free, and I still do, but only when an order is placed. That way, I do not actually work for free with a hope in mind that you will, in fact, like the colours I shipped you. The thing is, I can make about 50 shades of ivory, not just the one we feature in our palette.  

3) Negative past experiences have forced me to adopt this policy (order first, samples after). As I used to send samples for free, not knowing what to sensibly charge for them (I still don't), and the customer would happen to need "a deeper ivory", or a "lighter cream". They would not come back to tell me that, they would move on to search for the perfect shade, that I could have provided them with, should they have bothered to contact me and ask me to do so. An order in place ensures me they will continue to work with me to achieve their goal, and I gladly hand dye and re-dye and adjust my colours and mix them for hours like an alchemist :) it's fun to do, when I'm given the opportunity. 


 4) A customer often already has a top picked out, or a dress, and just looking for something that will match their item 100% colour wise. Very important, and that is the case where I absolutely will not sell tulle samples, because what are the chances? Next to zero, I'd say. In this case, you, dear potential customer, need to ship us a sample, or a whole piece of clothing to match. We do this ALL THE TIME. We have matched tulle colours to customer veils, wedding dresses, tops, pieces of thread, pieces of lace and other fabric, even printed pieces of paper. Well, anything is an option, really.

So in conclusion - I do not sell tulle samples, but I offer them for free, if you have the model in mind, please go ahead and purchase it, and I will send the colours you'd like to see, and I will work on them as long as it takes, adjusting, sending them again, photographing them for approval next to old ones, etc etc - really, anything it takes to get THE colour. This is the tulle samples policy at Wardrobe by Dulcinea and I hope that despite it, we can work together to achieve the garment of your dreams, custom made to measure and custom coloured. 

Thank you for reading and I hope to work with you on your one of a kind bridal garment! :)

Kind regards,



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